Family business diagnostic

Use this diagnostic to assess the 9 Succession Planning Factors of a family business – Maximize Business Value, Professionalizing the business, Effective Teams, Communication and conflict management, Documented family rules, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Personal Retirement Planning, Contingency Planning.

Gap analysis

The Gap Analysis tool allows you to determine the gap between where you are ‘Now’ and ‘Where’ you want to be on certain factors of a problem. The factors where the largest gaps appear are those to focus on.

Growth and profit solutions business diagnostic

This is an excel based version of the Mindshop Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic. This diagnostic allows businesses to pin-point key issues or opportunities in relation to aspects of their business. At the end of the diagnostic you will have clarity as to where to focus your strategies and actions over the months / year ahead. A great starting point for a strategic discussion.

Innovative diagnostic

Use this tool to identify key areas to focus on to improve the ability of your organization to be more innovative. You will be graded against six different factors relating to innovation being: Leadership, Product / Service, People, Implementation, Processes, Strategy.

Investor readiness diagnostic

The Investor Readiness Diagnostic can be used to pin-point key issues for customers (or your own business) when seeking to become investment ready. The 10 factors that are looked at include: Sales, Dissatisfaction / Desire, Strategy, Leadership, Vision, Continuous Improvement, Product / Service, Market, Connections / Status, Profitability.