Use the Leadership diagnostic to identify key areas where you can improve your Leadership Skills or those of your team. Attached is a version for individual use or capturing multiple users inputs.

Life balance diagnostic

Use this Life Balance diagnostic to review key elements of your own life or that of your team to pin-point key areas you can improve in. These include looking at factors such as: stress, time management, life barriers, belief systems, locus of control, life balance, energy, health, personal growth and family.

Listening diagnostic

Surprisingly, most people think that they can listen – that’s because they have 2 ears and one mouth – it’s unfortunate however, that they don’t use them in that proportion! This Diagnostic is designed to help you identify your ability to listen and focus on those areas that might be stopping you from effectively communicating. Listening is the mark of a real leader. Listening is at the core of Emotional Intelligence. The one thing that people complain most about is that others don’t listen. Learning this skill is critical to success in life.

This Diagnostic is designed to give you a clearer picture of the key areas which may be holding you back from being an effective listener. Once completed you are able to focus on the top 3 issues that have the greatest impact on you and your ability to communicate.

Manufacturing diagnostic

Use this Manufacturing diagnostic if your business (or that of a customer) operates in this field and you are seeking clarity on the key issues or opportunities in that business. Assess the 10 Key Factors of a successful Manufacturing business: Change Management, Teamwork, Performance Management, Waste Reduction, Process Flow, Supply Chain, Work Area Organization, Quick Setups, Structured Improvement, Maintenance.

People diagnostic

Use this People diagnostic to help pinpoint key issues or opportunities in relation to the people in your own business or that of a customer. Assess them against 10 people factors being: Teamwork, Communication, Morale, Training, Leadership, Dedication, Customer Focus, Coaching, Job Satisfaction, & Overall Effectiveness.