Pricing strategy

This excel tool is used to demonstrate that pricing is different to costing. The five step process brings into focus all the elements of pricing.

Product portfolio analysis

The Product Portfolio Analysis (PPA) excel tool can be used to develop product strategy in your own business and those of your customer. Use the tool to map out the: range of products, amount of sales made by each product range, determine factors for Market Attractiveness of the product (or use the default ones supplied), determine factors for Business Strength in regard to each product within the business (or use default ones supplied), rate each factor on a scale of 1 to 10.

One aspect to note: Under Market Attractiveness if the Barriers to Entry were high in regard to that particular product for competitors to get into the market the score would be low around 2 or 3. Therefore it is less attractive to get into the market.

Project ranking

Use this excel tool to assist in prioritizing the projects you have to implement either in your own business or that of a customer.

Referral process diagnostic

Complete this diagnostic by answering 15 questions to review the performance of your current referral process. You will be presented with a score that indicates the current quality of your referral process. Use the score and any low scores as a guide on areas to improve.

Self confidence diagnostic

The lack of self-confidence continues to be the number one area in which people generally struggle. This Diagnostic is designed to help you identify your level of self-confidence and focus on those areas that might be stopping you from being your best and achieving what you’d like to be. What areas do you need to focus on as a way of increasing your self-confidence? How are you sabotaging yourself? What are your road-blocks to success?

The Diagnostic is designed to give you a clearer picture of the key areas which may be holding you back from achieving the kind of success that you desire. Once completed you are able to focus on the top 3 issues that have the greatest impact on you and your personal success.