Succession planning diagnostic

Use this diagnostic tool to pin-point key issues / opportunities for your own business or that of a customer with regard to their succession planning activities. Assess the 10 Succession Planning Factors of a business being: Business Value, Professional Approach, Team Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Retirement Planning, Risk Management, Profit Performance, Business Planning, Continuous Improvement, Growth Performance.

Supply chain diagnostic

Use this diagnostic to review the key issues / opportunities in your business or that of a customer in relation to the supply chain and the risks associated with it.

Sustainable competitive advantage

The Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) tool is used as a filter for all the key issues that an organization faces. It is used as a method to allocate resources i.e. time and money to the issues that will allow the organisation to win in the market place. It focuses on 2 important attributes: Key Success factors that would be considered of high value by your customer and the ability NOW to beat your competitors.

As the excel tool will show you, attention is also paid to the future ability of the organisation on a given attribute to beat its competitors.

Team style audit

This Team Style Audit Excel tool will help you identify your personal team style or those of your team members. Whilst it doesn’t really matter what style you are, the important thing is to make sure that you have all modes covered in your team. Each style is important. Just imagine how it would be if your team comprised only leaders. Conflict is the inevitable result. All Doers means no direction. All Thinkers means no action. All Carers means potentially non-strategic options. Too much of one style is disruptive.

This tool will step you through the survey to determine your style.

Technology utilisation diagnostic

The Technology Utilization Diagnostic has been developed to provide a simple but powerful 25 question diagnostic that can assist in pin-pointing the key issues facing an organization seeking to better understand how to utilize technology more effectively in their business and personal lives.This diagnostic has been compiled by Mindshop advisor, Fergal Coleman from Symphony 3 who can be contacted at:

The 10 key factors it looks at are: Sales / Marketing, Communication, Innovation, Efficiency, Customer Support, Human Resources, Client Relationships, Strategy, Life Balance, IT Infrastructure.