by | Apr 21, 2014 | Business

As World Cup fever grows and there’s continued focus on the management team, with the latest being discussions over the inclusion of a sports psychiatrist, I came across the statement that “most leaders that fail, fail to get feedback”.

And wasn’t it one of England’s greatest defenders, Phil Neville, who said only last week how vital it would be that the coaches give feedback to the manager?

So if you are a leader and don’t have formal or informal feedback, do you need to do something about it?

Many leaders use a number of mentors, providing different perspectives on issues. Others hire a coach, who would normally help a leader develop an action plan and hold the leader accountable; I know that’s what we try to do when coaching clients. Some join peer groups: which was one of the objectives of the Ripe Business Club. And of course, leaders can ask their co-workers.

So luckily for Roy, he has another of England’s greatest ever defenders on his coaching staff, Gary Neville, who would find it impossible to keep his opinions to himself.