The UK200 network

The UK200 network of accountants and lawyers

Ripe became members of the UK200 quality assured network of independent accountants (and law firms), having first been audited to ensure we met their required standards.

We wanted to join to ensure our operating standards remained high – for the benefit of our clients; and we share UK200’s fundamental values of excellence and integrity.

The UK 200 network has a combined turnover in excess of £250m, c500 partners and over 3,000 team members across some 65 firms, (of which 16 are law firms), throughout the UK, with values that include:

  • collaboration
  • sharing best practice
  • growth
  • innovation

Furthermore, UK200 has links in nearly 70 countries through it international associates and membership of IAPA.

UK 200 is a resource that we use to help our clients.

Besides tapping into the expertise of colleagues around the UK, the network has expert panels that cover:

  • tax
  • corporate finance
  • forensic accounting and dispute resolution
  • business advisory
  • business recovery and insolvency
  • international business

So whilst we ourselves are a small “boutique” practice, we have the power and backing of a national network thinking globally.

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