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Rob Glazer is a chartered accountant with over 25 years’ experience advising and coaching business leaders. He’s been a fully qualified Mindshop coach for over 10 years. Rob also won the Mindshop ‘Value to Others’ Award in 2013. Read the full bio here.

Mindshop is a leading provider of strategic and personal development solutions for business leaders and advisors. It’s also a tight knit network of experienced business coaches. So when you work with us you get access to two sets of experience: you get the insight that comes from helping businesses grow and prosper for over 25 years. But you also benefit from our access to an extensive network of over sixty UK Mindshop coaches………

And when we work with you we often draw on this network of combined skills and experience to give you the very best 1:1 coaching and service.

Robert Glazer of Ripe Accountants

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