Ups and downs?

We work with our financial services partners to make sure that they fully understand your investment criteria before offering advice.


We often hear savers complain they’re not getting much of a return.

Quality assurance

We can introduce you to investment advisors who may be able to help you do better, after assessing your attitude to criteria such as risk and reward.

What we can do?

Besides talking through  your plans with you, we can of course advise you of any tax implications.

How much is it?

Portfolio managers normally make charges on either a flat fee basis or as a percentage of the portfolio.


What rate of return can I expect? It depends : the general rule is that the higher the risk the higher rate of return. 

Can you advise me on what to invest? Whilst we’re allowed to talk generally about investments, we are not authorised to give specific investment advice.

Key points

  • Specilaist advisor required

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