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Running payroll can be a labour intensive process. It’s complicated by issues such as sick pay, maternity pay, flexi-time, not to mention auto-enrolment. And it’s fair to say that you’ll create an outcry if you get it wrong!

Let us take the pressure off. Our payroll services include preparing your weekly, monthly, or annual payrolls. We’ll also take care of your annual benefits (P11d’s) requirements too. And we can help you with any questions or issues that come up over things like maternity, sick pay and other HR matters.

We aim to provide a bespoke payroll bookkeeping services to meet your individual  needs and relieve your burden. Our experienced team run payrolls ranging in size from 1 employee to hundreds.

Other benefits of outsourcing payroll to us are:

  • You will avoid late filing penalties
  • We’ll provide comfort to your team that only the correct tax is deducted
  • You won’t have to rely on one person in-house
  • You won’t have to continuously update your software or worry about online filing

All work we perform adheres to the key principles of our quality assurance system whereby:

  • We make sure we have a full understanding of your requirements, needs and expectations
  • We plan, control and complete assignments as effectively as possible
  • We review and approve completed work prior to sending it to you
  • We continuously seek to improve the way we operate, by reviewing our procedures, asking for feedback and by using a staff training and development programme that matches that of Investors in People

What can we do?

  • Run your weekly or monthly payroll
  • Administer maternity pay, sick pay, redundancies, pensions, bonuses and termination payments
  • Operate on a net pay or gross pay basis
  • Produce payslips and payroll summaries
  • Complete your year-end payroll returns: P60s
  • Online filing with HMRC
  • Check tax codes (where we act for the individual in question)
  • Store your records electronically
  • PAYE health-checks
  • Deal with HM Revenue and Customs queries
  • Prepare your P11d’s disclosing benefits-in-kind
  • HR service
  • Tax service, including personal tax returns
  • Tax planning: remuneration strategies, share option schemes, NI planning, benefit schemes


“Ripe has advised on everything from salaries, human resources to SAGE accounting. The efficiency and consistency of the service provided has enabled our business to work more effectively and utilize time better. They have a focused approach whilst being relaxed, caring and helpful.”  Ms E Costello, Barnet Education Business Partnership

How much is it?

We’d prefer to talk to you first to make sure we understand your needs and would normally be able to give you a good idea of the fee if you’re able to answer the following questions:

  1. How many employees (and directors) are to go on your payroll?
  2. How frequently would you like your payroll run: weekly or monthly?
  3. Would you supply us with gross pay (being the norm) or net pay figures?
  4. Would you like us to complete your end-of-year P11d’s to declare benefit in kind to employees/directors? 


What type of clients do we work for? Our typical clients our owner-managed businesses and subsidiaries of overseas companies, but we also act for charities and businesses that have just one employee.

How do I receive payroll data? By post, email, dropbox or by accessing your client folder in our on-line document management system etc.

Who will run my payroll? Your payroll will be run by one of our in-house team, supervised by a manager or partner.

How is my payroll kept confidential? All our systems have latest security features and all require password access.

How are changes in tax codes communicated to my staff? Whenever we receive notification of a change in tax code from HMRC we’ll let you know with your month-end payroll information.

How quickly can you re-run a payroll if I spot an error? Straight away – unless it’s not urgent.

How big is your typical client? 6 foot 2.

Can you track sick days and holiday days for each of my employees? Certainly – you’ll just need to provide us with the information.

How do I pay my staff? We provide you with a summary of net pay for each recipient for you to arrange payment.

What related services can you offer? Our tax experts would love to talk to you about remuneration strategies, pensions, benefits in kind, tax returns, but once you get them started…..

How do you keep up-to-date with changes in legislation? Our team attend regular external and online courses/webinars provided by UK’s top presenters. And they read a lot.

Can you provide HR support? We advise on best practice with regards to: Staff recruitment, Motivation, Pay and conditions, Staff development, Employee Handbooks. And for clients that take up our Tax Enquiry Fee Service cover, there’s free access to an employment law helpline.

What about Health and Safety? For clients that take up our Tax Enquiry Fee Service cover, there’s free access to a Health and Safety helpline.

How do I set up an auto-enrolment scheme? We would advise you to speak to an independent pension advisor – and we can put you in touch with a number of them – who can review the pension market and advise which scheme may suit you best. Alternatively you can set up a government scheme, “NEST”, via

Email us at to see how we can help.


Key points

  • Payroll is complicated
  • Our team is trained in tax as well as payroll
  • Delivered on time
  • Adaptable to meet your needs

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