Personal tax returns

Deadlines and detail

Our aim is simple. We want to remove the burden of your tax compliance. We’ll make sure that your tax returns are completed correctly and on time so you don’t have to worry.

We’ll also give you an annual tax review to make sure that you’re in the best possible position. When we do this, we will often work closely with our financial services team and take a holistic approach to your needs, whatever they are.


If you’re feeling brave and your affairs are quite simple, you can try HMRC’s on-line tax return service. But this doesn’t apply to any of our clients, who are often unsure  what expense are tax deductible or what reliefs are available; and want the peace of mind that comes from knowing their affairs are being properly dealt with and their tax bill is right.

Quality assurance

Your return and tax computation will be prepared and reviewed by experienced professionals, in accordance with our documented procedures.

What we can do?

Our tax team will give you plenty of notice  as to when we need your tax return information,  and of the filing and payment deadlines too.

How much is it?

Fees will vary according to the complexity of your return, but we’ll happily agree a fixed fee.


Do I have to complete a tax return?

Yes: that’s if you’re self-employed, have rental income, or you’re a company director or a partner in a business partnership.

What’s self-assessment? It’s another name for personal tax; the phrase was introducing when the tax payer was expected to assess his/her own tax liability.

What if I make an error on my tax return? If you’ve made a significant error leading to under-declared income, you can submit an amended tax return, unless HMRC may consider this grounds to open an enquiry into your affairs.

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Key points

  • Tax is complicated – that’s why the exams are hard!

  • Get peace of mind

  • Pay the right amount of tax

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