Life balance

It doesn’t have to be juggling act

We think that your personal objectives in life are just as important (if not more so!) than your business objectives. That’s why we have developed a series of processes in conjunction with Mindshop that can help you look at the whole picture.


We often hear from business owners that they feel out of control or they don’t have time for everything.

Quality assurance

We have trained Mindshop facilitators who can guide you through best-practice tools to show you how to set long-term goals, make changes for the better – and take back control!

What we can do?

These range from Covey’s time matrix to a Personal Growth on-line coaching and one of our favourites, the “wheel of life”, which demonstrates where you’re at and where you might need to pay some attention to bring better balance.

How much is it?

Fees depend on what you want/need.


What does an accountant know about such matters? Most accountants know very little, but we have been members of Mindshop for over 15 years: continuously learning coaching, advisory solutions and business tools.

Can’t I figure this stuff out by myself? Of course you can, but sometimes it helps to have a coach, an independent objective 3rd party who you can trust and to whom you can be accountable.

What’s this got to do with business? Few people are able to let issues outside of work not affect their performance in work.

Key points

  • One of our Growth Solutions

  • Trained, experienced accredited facilitators

  • Flexible approach

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