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We appreciate that even when you’re no longer working that you may still have concerns over your income. You may be looking for advice on your pensions, your savings or your investments. And, of course, there are still issues about tax you may need to consider.

We work closely with our financial services team to fully understand and cater for your needs: and look after you in your retirement.


Many of our clients are unsure how much they will need to live on in retirement and where their income is going to come from.

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But retirement planning is not just a matter of budgeting. You also need to consider pensions, investments, tax and estate planning. Not to mention lifestyle! And have you prepared a your personal balance sheet?

What we can do?

It’s not unusual for people to only start thinking about their retirement as they approach it; but we often find this is too late. It may be our nature, but we like to plan ahead, looking at where you are now, where you want to be and then creating actions for how you’re going to get there.

How much is it?

Once we understand how much help you would like from us, we can talk about fees.


What if I don’t how much I’ll have saved by the time of my retirement? Well, we can do scenario planning, for example looking at best, worst and average scenarios. 

How do I find out what I don’t know but should? Easy- talk to us! 

Should I be putting  more into my pension scheme? It depends…. 

And when should I draw from my pension? Again it depends  on your needs and other  sources of income.

Key points

  • Not only complicated, but emotional and vital

  • Seek expert objective advice

  • Don’t delay

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