VAT returns

Make sure they’re right

VAT is one of the most complex and problematic taxes to get right. And a failure to get it right can cause you some serious problems. We know it can be a cause for worry and that’s why we’ve got a fully qualified in-house team ready to take care of your VAT needs. And, because we recognise the complexity of VAT, we also work closely with VAT specialists for more complicated areas.

We’ll make sure your VAT returns are completed correctly and on time. We’ll file them electronically with HMRC.  And we’ll also advise you which of the VAT schemes are right for you and your business.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with registration (and de-registration) including non-UK businesses
  • Advice on VAT schemes, including partial exemption, property development rates, opting to tax, zero-rating
  • Preparation of EEC sales lists
  • VAT refunds for overseas businesses
  • VAT health-checks – are you doing it right? Are you claiming back all you should?
  • VAT Planning – most major business transactions will have VAT consequences that must be considered.
  • Attend VAT inspections: making sure the VAT-man applies the correct interpretations
  • Insurance against our fees in dealing with VAT enquiries with HMRC
  • Negotiation with HMRC in VAT disputes
  • Representation at VAT tribunals
  • No win-no fee offer for VAT health-checks for companies in certain circumstances


VAT is one of the most complex taxes, which is why so many businesses leave it to the experts! VAT can be standard rated, zero rated, partially exempt, with special rates for property work. Then there’s cash accounting, annual accounting…

Quality assurance

Fortunately, our team receive regular training so not only are they aware of any new rules, but also they’re aware when our VAT specialist is needed, (particularly on property matters).

What we can do?

We have years of experience of completing  VAT returns on time; quite often after first having to get clarification as to what certain expenses are: to ensure VAT is reclaimable.

We also tap into the expertise of a VAT specialist, (who used to work for us before setting up on his own): invaluable when it comes tricky matters like property, partial-exemption etc,  where the devil really is in the detail.

How much is it?

We can offer fixed fees for standard VAT return, whereas for VAT advice the fee will really depend on the complexity of the matter.


If we do our own bookkeeping, can you still prepare or review our Vat returns? So long as we have access to your bookkeeping system and have a full understanding of your business, then, yes, no problemo. 

How do we know you’ll do our VAT return on time? We tell you when we need the information by and you do as you’re told!  Then we’ll guarantee it’s done on time.

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Key points

  • Done on time
  • Fixed fees

  • Experienced team receiving regular training

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