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Rob combines his role as chair of local education charity, Barnet Education Business Partnership (BEBP), with Mindshop, by offering a work experience programme, entitled “Mindshop Excellence”.

Mindshop Excellence fast tracks the development of young minds through a one-week employer hosted work experience program aimed at fostering skills such as team work and self-confidence. Acting as company ‘executives’ for the week, students are given an issue by the host company and using powerful problem solving tools, find solutions to the issue as a team.

Benefit to a business:

Have a real business issue reviewed by a fresh set of eyes that can lead to increase in growth and profits.

Benefit to students:

We understand the challenge of finding meaningful work experience that will be a thought-provoking and valuable week away from school. So we aim to push boundaries by allowing students to see how businesses really operate and to make a real difference to that organisation.

BEBP will coordinate the programme with Rob, who will lead the student training on the first day of the programme, so there’s little investment of time required from the host company.

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