Cashflow forecast

Be prepared!

Plan for your cash-flow needs by producing forecasts: and then compare actual results to the plan.

Always a key management tool and often required by banks and other lenders for borrowing purposes. They allow you to stay firmly in the driving seat.


You’ll see when you expect to have surplus cash (to invest?) and when you may need borrowings – be prepared! And banks, lenders and investors will often ask for them.

Quality assurance

We’ll make sure it links to your profit and loss and balance sheet.

What we can do?

And we’ll probably ask you about the following year and the year after that!

If you need help, we’re on hand-particularly for the trickier parts like VAT, tax and timing of payments to suppliers and from customers.

And we can help you monitor it against actuals.

How much is it?

Our fees can be agreed up front, but will vary according to how much we expect to do.


How often should I prepare one? At least annually.

Do I need to know my starting bank position? Absolutely; but we can do a bank reconciliation for you, if you’re unsure.

What if I’m unsure what my receipts  or payments will be? We can work though a profit and loss forecast first.

Key points

  • Key management tool

  • Must be monitored
  • Update at least annually

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