Criminals, Kiddies and Terrorists…

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Ripe News

….are just some of the types who may carry out cyberattacks for reasons such as financial gain, revenge, espionage or just for fun.

Given the consequences of cyberattacks can be far reaching – ranging from financial loss to operational disruption and reputational damage – it seems more important than ever to take precautionary measures: i.e. cyber security – to protect networks, systems, programs and data – which should aim to provide confidentiality, integrity and availability to authorised users.

Typical precautionary measures are:

  • Firewalls, anti-virus and malware software
  • regular software updates (to patch known vulnerabilities)
  • strong passwords and multi-factor authentications
  • employee training, including phishing simulation (and GDPR compliance)
  • preparing response plans/disaster recovery
  • regular back-ups and the testing thereof
  • securing all devices that connect to your network
  • cyber insurance – to cover potential financial losses
  • encryption of sensitive data

So, whilst we appreciate that our encrypted emails and use of systems like DocuSign are not without their inconveniences, they play an important role.

Enjoy the summer