Life balance

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Ripe News

As I’m about to set off on another cycling jaunt on the Algarve, and given the stress many of us seem to be working through, perhaps it’s time to think about our well-being and whether we have the balance we deserve?

You may recall the “The Bike of Life” tool that we use to give clients perspective and alert them to areas of their business and personal lives that may need to pay more attention.

The theory is that to act optimally you need balance and we find this tool helps clients understand the connection between personal life and business life, and how one affects the other; for example, imagine what happens if you have a puncture in one of the tyres…

The personal wheel can be sub-divided into say 6 segments representing the important parts of your life, for example:

We ask clients to rate how satisfied they are in each of the 6 areas, scoring between 0 and 10 and then see where they may be out of synch and may need to pay attention.

We then help clients develop strategies to lift their scores in the poorest segment to bring the wheel into balance, setting specific and measurable targets; and involving a friend or family member can give a wonderful support mechanism.

Review your progress regularly so you can acknowledge the changes you have made and see the effects that they have.

As for my bike ride, I’m going to up on “Social”, but I fear the others could be hit and miss….

Rob and the team