November Newsletter

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Ripe News

I was abroad again a couple of weeks ago, crossing the border into Wales for the UK200 annual conference.

So what?

Well, the membership of the UK200 network allows us to tap into the expertise of hundreds of accountancy, tax and legal partners from firms across the UK, all very happy to collaborate. So, whilst Ripe is a relatively small practice, we have all the advantages of a large one when it comes to specialist advice.

We know we can rely on the advice: because UK200 only allow quality-assured firms to be members and they audit us all annually.

And, as part of the international network, AGN, we are able to help with any international issues too.

The conference itself wasn’t about technical matters: it had the theme of “growth”, with UK200 members joined by experts from marketing, IT, HR, economics etc.

Key points that may be just as applicable to you are:

  • The need to embrace technology and innovation
  • Building a culture of trust for the benefit of staff and customers
  • Communicate effectively: people still prefer calls!
  • Awareness that sustainability is a concern when choosing a supplier
  • The importance of training and staff development

So how do you rate in these areas? Where are you now and where do you want to be? For significant gaps, let’s create actions to rectify and help you grow your business.