Business survival diagnostic

This Business survival diagnostic has been developed to provide a simple but powerful 25 question diagnostic that can assist in pin-pointing the key issues facing an organization seeking to survive difficult economic conditions. The 10 key factors it looks at are: Profit trend, Sales trend, Client Retention, Industry Growth Trend, Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Cash, Equity Position, Bank Relationship, Competitive Advantage.

Change success model

The Change Success Model diagnostic has been designed to assist you deliver the change success model internally or with customers. The diagnostic allows you to work through the scoring for each of the 10 key success factors after which it will automatically calculate the relevant gaps. Those areas with the highest gaps provide an indication on the areas you should focus on first when seeking to improve the probability of change success. On the second worksheet tab there is also an overview of the change success factor descriptions.

Decision matrix

The purpose of the Decision Matrix is to pass the decision making process through a selection filter and reduce the subjectivity in decision making. When decisions are made it is rare that the factors that influence your decision are weighted equally. The Decision Matrix also allows a group of people to identify, agree on, weight and importantly take ownership of, a set of factors that are seen by all as influencing that decision.

This Excel tool gives you the ability to have up to 5 factors and 4 different decision options. Follow the instructions within the sheet for guidance on its usage.

Emotional intelligence diagnostic

Research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is at the heart of career and business success as well as being at the core of personal success. How do you rate on the 5 key ingredients of EI? Are you self-aware and in touch with yourself? How are you on connecting with others? How effective are you at understanding others?

This Diagnostic is designed to give you a clearer picture of the key areas which may be holding you back from being your best personally, in your career and in your business. Once completed you are able to focus on the top issues that have the greatest impact on you and your ability to perform.

Employee engagement diagnostic

The Employee Engagement Diagnostic can be used to help assess the performance of your organisation across 16 key employee engagement aspects.